How to quit smoking

Smoking is the most common bad habit in the world. It affects more than one billion people on the planet, who smoke trillions of cigarettes worth hundreds of billions of dollars each year. Agreed, this is an impressive amount, and many people would be quick to give up smoking. Unfortunately, not only are the number of smokers not decreasing, but the number of smokers is increasing, so there are more and more ways to quit. Nicotine-containing remedies will not make you forget about cigarettes forever, and they will not make you stop wanting to smoke altogether. They will only make you feel less craving for nicotine and lessen the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal by giving you a greater opportunity to control your willpower.

Nicotine-containing products include those containing nicotine:

  • chewing gum,
  • patches,
  • nasal sprays.

Usually these products contain less nicotine than cigarettes and introduce it into the body more slowly, so the addictive effect is weaker. However, many smokers who resort to nicotine-containing products use them incorrectly or not long enough for the expected effect to occur. The best effect is achieved if you start wearing a nicotine patch two weeks before your quit day and then add nicotine-containing gum, a lollipop or inhalation. And use them for at least six weeks. You can also opt for specialized pills to help stop smoking, which will help you quit smoking easily and fairly quickly.

Nicotine gum

It was the first nicotine-containing product, mass-produced, and is still the most popular of such products. The dose of nicotine in chewing gum varies. The most important thing: don’t chew it like regular gum! When you have sweet gum in your mouth, it’s very difficult to resist the temptation to chew it with your teeth over and over again. But if you chew such gum without stopping, the nicotine will quickly be released, you will swallow it, and everything will go to waste.

For nicotine from gum to have any effect, it must be absorbed by the mucous membrane of the mouth. From the stomach, nicotine travels to the liver, where it is broken down before it reaches the brain. So you have to chew the gum a couple of times and then just hold it in your mouth for ten seconds. Then chew it again a couple of times, stop, and so on. That’s how you get the most benefit. Use at least ten gums a day for at least six weeks. And now one more tip: To use gum, don’t wait until you have an acute desire to smoke. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes for the nicotine in the gum to have any effect on the body. So by the time you really want to smoke, it will be too late!

Nicotine patch

This is a modern product that helps you get rid of tobacco addiction and withdrawal symptoms for a whole day. The patch creates optimal conditions for the continuous supply of purified nicotine into the body, which helps to meet the daily need for it and achieve greater efficiency of treatment. It lasts for 16 hours, supporting the body while it is awake and giving it a rest from nicotine during the night.

The patch does not need to be changed during the day. The translucent structure makes the patch invisible on the skin – you can quit smoking with this product completely unnoticed by others. There is an opinion that the success of the nicotine patch confirms one very important fact related to smoking, namely, the need for nicotine plays a big role for the smoker.

If you want to buy drugs to quit smoking or even just find out the diabetes medicine cost, you should first find a reliable pharmacy that works online. This will help you get rid of your bad habit quickly and find answers to your questions.