Star Wars Battlefront

Battlefront, the famous multiplayer series of games in the universe of “Star Wars”, after the second part was undeservedly forgotten. Released with a year difference, the first two releases not only received positive reviews, but also formed a dedicated group of fans around the brand. And then something went wrong. And instead of the third part, 8 years of silence were waiting for us. In 2013 it became known that operation “Resurrection” will be headed by the Swedish studio EA DICE. The players split into two camps: some of them were sure that we would get the “new Battlefield”, others just rejoiced at the sight of Darth Vader as a game character and threw money at the monitor. Did the developers manage to make a universal game that can unite both camps? The company will help you to find out about it.

Star Wars Battlefront game

We should start with the fact that when we say “new Battlefront”, we should understand it literally: it is not a continuation of the original series, but a full restart. There are practically no intersections between them, so it makes no sense to compare these games. In the process, it is worth noting the main feature of the game as a product – its simplicity. Everything here is arranged so that the beginner was easy to navigate: everything you really need will always be at hand, you will not have to dig through the endless menus.

The game itself is divided into two main parts: multiplayer and single (possible cooperative for two) modes. The second one, unfortunately, is far from what fans have seen in their dreams: there is no plot. The whole single part of the game looks as if it was made for a tick. Missions fall into three categories: training, battle and survival. With the first one, everything is simple: five small tasks, which turned out to be the most interesting in this mode, will teach you the basics of the game – from flight on X-Wing to paging AT-AT on Airspeeder. As you learn, we’ll show you all four planets where the game takes place. The planets feel completely different.

After passing the training tasks the game will offer to try themselves in different battles, different maps and the presence / absence of playful characters. You have a simple task: to kill the enemies and collect from them some “coins”. The team, which collected a given amount of coins before the expiration of the allotted time, wins. The mode is secondary and boring. If to play, only for the sake of the maps – they succeeded.

Survival Mode is an attempt to stand up to the pressure of opponents coming wave after wave. And here without surprises: once in a few waves appear AT-ST, as well as new infantry opponents, such as Shadow Troopers, which will be constantly behind your back due to invisibility. Each of the missions (except training) has several levels of difficulty and various additional tasks, for which the stars are awarded. Missions can also take place in the cooperative, both locally (on one screen) and online. This is not bad, but it will not save you from the lingering monotony.

So you may not look in the direction of single tasks (unless you are a fan of the universe, of course). Go straight to the multiplayer. This is where DICE revealed itself, using the experience of Battlefield. A total of nine multiplayer modes were created. There are both classic and very unusual. For example, in Hero Battle you will have to destroy the same team of three heroes and three assistants. Each mode works by its own rules, and each group of modes uses certain maps.

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