How to earn on Instagram

Nowadays Instagram is not just a social network for beautiful food photos and monotonous selfies. It is a powerful tool that allows you to earn a good income. That’s why bloggers tirelessly stamp out marathons, create authoring courses and actively promote brands. But what about those who do not have time to acquire a lot of followers? Don’t worry, there is a profession for you here, too. In this article, we will tell you how to earn on Instagram and how much can actually make active users of the popular social network.

What does the earnings depend on?

Insight of the day: a bag of money will not fall on you from heaven. In order to get something, you need to work a lot and diligently, because the HYPE – a fleeting phenomenon. Earnings are affected by many factors, from the external packaging of the account to promotion methods. If you just started developing your account, it makes sense to buy instagram followers to speed up the process. We will talk about the components, which are worth paying special attention.

  1. The number of subscribers. The rule applies here: the more, the better. If the number of subscribers has exceeded 5 000, you can try to monetize your blog with advertising, collaborations and barter. Naturally, the price of services directly depends on the number of followers. For example, the cost of one promotional post at Influencer with 100,000 audience starts at $500. Not a bad incentive, is it? 
  2. Involvement of the audience. If you naively believe that, having bought bots, you can become a popular blogger, then we hasten to distress: it so does not work. Now customers look not only at the quantity but also at the quality of the followers. Advertisers are not fools, so they ask Influencers to demonstrate statistics, paying attention to coverage, number of impressions and subscriber growth.
  3. Frequency of ad posts. A lot of advertising – it’s also bad, so try to dilute the paid posts “live” content. Customers do not like it when information about their product is presented directly “in the face. Learn the art of native advertising, and you will be happy. The optimum frequency of advertising in the profile – 2 (maximum 3) times a week.

Ways of earning on Instagram

If you don’t want to wake up every day at 7 am and go to an unloved job, think about your own blog and earn money on Instagram. Yes, at first you will not grab stars from the sky, but if you find the right niche and gather a quality audience, you can gradually improve your financial situation. Blogger – a profession is not an easy one, because you work without weekends and holidays, and the income depends directly on the attention of followers. Some people are willing to do a lot for the sake of the cherished coverage and dividends. Someone on the air doing plastic surgery, and someone takes part in dubious Challenges.

For those who don’t want to blindly follow crazy trends, you should find and research a list of the most popular and profitable specialties. If you want to quickly increase the authority of your account, it makes sense to buy 10000 instagram followers. This will be a significant incentive for new users to start subscribing.